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By ZEV Technologies

At GlockWORX it is our goal to manufacture and distribute the best parts available for Glock pistols. After countless hours of research and testing we compiled a list of the best performing products available. We found that there were many parts that simply didn’t measure up to our standards, especially in the category of trigger kits. So, we decided to take it upon ourselves to develop revolutionary upgrades for Glock pistols. GlockWORX prides itself on utilizing the latest technology to manufacture and develop the most productive accessories for Glock pistols. We also provide educational instructions that allow anyone, from beginners to expert gunsmiths the ability to completely strip down their Glock to install and/or replace any part available on our website. GlockWORX also offers full Glock customization. For more information Please CONTACT US.

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Billet 1704 Stainless Steel Slides manufactured by ZEV Technologies. Many options available including our specialty coatings and gun smithing cuts.


Mike T. - Trigger completely fixes the factory Glock trigger design issues, specifically pre-travel and over travel.



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