ZEV Tech Competition Spring Kit
This is the ultimate competition shooters spring kit. This kit will give your trigger a smoother, lighter, more crisp feel.
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| Manufacturer: ZEV TECHNOLOGIES
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The Zev Tech Competition Spring Kit. Made from the best spring material, not your typical piano wire. The Glock trigger pull weight is determined by springs and connector. Use this kit with the Zev Tech Connector for the lightest trigger pull weight possible, and add the Zev Tech Fulcrum trigger for finest Glock trigger possible!
  • ZEV Tech Extra Heavy Trigger Spring. (trigger spring helps you pull the trigger, heavier is better)
  • ZEV Tech Reduced power Firing Pin Safety Spring
  • ZEV Tech Reduced Power Firing Pin Spring.
  • These springs are manufactured by Zev Tech, not rebranded springs from Wolff.
  • Manufacturer: ZEV TECHNOLOGIES
    Shipping Weight: 0.001 lbs
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    Reviewed By: Dexter D.
    Review Date: 9/26/2013
    Comments: Quick, easy, quality and affordable. Just like I like it!

    Reviewed By: Rich M.
    Review Date: 7/17/2013
    Comments: Ordered with V4. Very happy! Best Glock trigger, smoothest I've felt! Great job Zev Tech!

    Reviewed By: Larry M.
    Review Date: 3/21/2013
    Comments: I installed the Comp. Spring Kit in addition to the V4 Race Connector in to my Glock 35. Upon testing (dry fire) my Glock 35 after installation I immediately noticed a very light crisp trigger pull with shorter over-travel. This was exactly what I looking...
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    Reviewed By: Dustin D.
    Review Date: 10/20/2012
    Comments: If you're tuning a trigger this is $9 well spent. I installed these with the v4 connector, and it is, truly the lightest standard trigger I've felt. Very balanced with the v4 connector. No squishy suck. Great for tuning!

    Reviewed By: James B.
    Review Date: 8/4/2012
    Comments: Amazing! I paired this spring kit with the Zev Tech V4 Race Connector and I am just stunned by the results. The stock spongy and clunky trigger feels so much smoother now, with a nice wall, and a crisp break. I installed this on a Gen 4 34 and she's a ...
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    Billet 1704 Stainless Steel Slides manufactured by ZEV Technologies. Many options available including our specialty coatings and gun smithing cuts.


    Mike T. - Trigger completely fixes the factory Glock trigger design issues, specifically pre-travel and over travel.



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