ZEV Tech Color Coded Recoil Spring
The best Recoil Spring for the Glock. These high quality round wire recoil springs are color coded for easy identification. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR Compact Glock models G-19/23/32
Item: ZT-SPR-REC  | Manufacturer: ZEV TECHNOLOGIES
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Our high quality round wire recoil springs are color coded for easy identification. No more counting coils or guessing if you have the correct spring. The red spring is 14 lbs and is ideal for hot 9mm, 40 S&W or 45 ACP. Blue spring is 12 lbs and ideal for standard velocity 9mm. Coating on the spring will typically last 3000 cycles which is our recommended life of the spring.. ZEV recoil springs will work in captured and uncaptured guide rods. When using a captured guiderod you will also need the ZEV spring retaining washer. More spring weights coming soon. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR COMPACT GLOCK Models (19,23,32).
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Reviewed By: William B.
Review Date: 10/11/2013
Comments: Great spring (14#) for shooting 40S+W loaded to Major PF. Like the other reviews mentioned, the color coating doesn't last very long at all. After ~200 rounds I had major flaking covering the inside of my Glock. I placed the spring in a solvent soak an...
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Reviewed By: Dillen E.
Review Date: 3/7/2013
Comments: the coating can come off, but the recoil spring is well worth the $9 investment when running light handloads.

Reviewed By: Tim G
Review Date: 4/5/2011
Comments: You can feel the difference right away. I ordered the tungsten guide rod, a retaining washer and the 14lb recoil spring. GW assembled all three for me which was a plus, so all i had to do was lube it and drop it in. After about 600 rounds with the new spr...
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