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Custom Glock slide work performed on customer provided slides as well as our new ZEV stainless steel slides. Sides can be cut to increase performance and functionality. Many options from front cocking serrations to various forms of lightening cuts to increase slide speed so the gun can fire mechanically faster and reduce muzzle flip. A lighter slide when sprung properly will have less reciprocating weight and will recoil softer.

Call us to discuss your options and make arrangements. We can make recommendations based on your pistols purpose (ex: competition shooting, defensive pistol, or general range gun).

Pictured slides are just a few examples. Many more examples can be found in our gallery section. 

Slide Cut Options
45 Degree Radius Cuts along top of the slide (both right and left side) $70

45 degree radius cuts on muzzle (All models except sub compact and Glock 34, &35) $70

Bomar Style Rear Slide Cut Flush (Sight not included) $165
Red Dot Sight Cut (Doctor/Fastfire, Jpoint/Deltapoint, Trijicon RMR,  or Cmore STS) $165
Slide Racker cut (includes slide racker) $150

Top Lightening Window ($40 - $75 depending on size, and gun model)
Large Side Windows ($75/pair)

All of our
Signature Cuts
for Glock & non ZEV slides are $300.







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ZEV Tech Fulcrum Fully Adjustable Trigger
Item: ZT-FUL 
Featured on Outdoor Channel’s Shooting USA, the Fulcrum is the finest match grade trigger available for the Glock. Adjustable for PRE and OVER travel on trigger pad as well as trigger pull weight.
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Billet 1704 Stainless Steel Slides manufactured by ZEV Technologies. Many options available including our specialty coatings and gun smithing cuts.


Mike T. - Trigger completely fixes the factory Glock trigger design issues, specifically pre-travel and over travel.



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