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Black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)
The DLC procedure uses a hydrogen free diamond structure producing a extreme durability (90 Rockwell Hardness) and virtual scratch and corrosion resistant coating. The coating is a dark non-reflective black and only one thousandth of a millimeter thick making it ideal for firearm usage. This is our recommendation for a black coating.

Hard Chrome
Electroplated chromium for increased durability and corrosion resistance (70 Rockwell hardness). Surface is bead blasted before plating in order to produce a non reflective, matte silver metallic color. This is our recommendation for a matte silver coating.

Spray on ceramic coating available in a number of colors. Of the spray on - bake on coating this is the one we have found to be the best. It is the most durable at about 65 Rockwell hardness and only adds 2.5 mils in thickness. This is our recommendation for coating polymer Glock frames and for digital camo patterns.

Electroless Nickle Plating
For the person wanting a bright metalic silver finish. At 45 rockwell it is the least durable of the finishes we offer but there is no denying if you want a attractive silver finish this is what you want.

Slides (all coatings) $150
Barrels (all coatings) $80
Frames (Cerakote only) $150
Other parts please call for quote

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Zev Tech Mesh Ball Cap
Item: ZT-CAP 
Zev Tech high quality mesh "Cool Comfort" ball cap. 100% Polyester cap that is very comfortable with flexible fit band. Specify small or large when ordering. Looks sharp on the shooting line.
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