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Custom grip jobs performed on your Glock frame. Each grip is shaped to customers hand or specifications. A grip that is properly fitted to your hand will point and index intuitively thus improving your shooting. Grip angles can be corrected to reduce limp wristing, or improve accuracy of point shooting. Grip girth can be reduced so shooters with smaller hands can work the magazine release or slide release lever without shifting their grip. Alternatively shooters with larger hands can have grip enlarged so they have proper trigger finger placement.
A number of textures are available for competition shooting, CCW, or general range use. Go with an aggressive texture such as standard stipple or Silicone Carbide for recoil management and sure grip even with sweaty hands. For CCW we recommend our CCW Stipple. The CCW Stipple has the same appearance as the Standard Stipple but the high spots on the right and left pannel are removed so it does not scratch skin or print on clothing. The front and back strap are left aggressive for a sure grip.

For speedy turnaround time, please contact us to make arrangements to send your frame in and to discuss your options.

Standard Grip Package (Our most popular configuration) $165:

  • Reduce angle of backstrap
  • Reduce girth of grip
  • Single or double undercut trigger guard
  • 360 texture grip in  Silicone Carbide, Standard Stipple, or CCW Stipple
  • Remove or reduce finger grooves

Grip Options:

  • Build up grip for proper finger placement for shooters with large hands ($40 - $80 depending on size)
  • Texture Magazine basepad ($40 per basepad)
  • Round Trigger Guard ($20 w/ Standard Grip Package - $40 by itself)
  • Internal Ramp ($100 with Standard Grip package - $120 without)
  • Flattened 1911 angle backstrap only with internal ramped grips. (+$65 w/ Standard Grip Package)
  • Add Beavertail ($100 with Standard Grip Package - $120 without)
  • Single or Double Undercut trigger guard $40
  • Shorten Grip for Compact or Sub Compact Mags $70


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GW and ZEV Patches
Item: Patches 
GW and Zev Technologies high quality Velcro patches Specify Which logo you would like by using drop down menu. Looks sharp on the shooting bag or on a ball cap.
Zev Tech Mesh Ball Cap
Item: ZT-CAP 
Zev Tech high quality mesh "Cool Comfort" ball cap. 100% Polyester cap that is very comfortable with flexible fit band. Specify small or large when ordering. Looks sharp on the shooting line.
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